Friday, 31 July 2009

Boggis Bunce and Bean...

Not strictly music, but when your favourite childhood book (Fantastic Mr Fox) has been turned in a film by your favourite director (Wes Anderson) and features the voice of your second favourite Owen (Wilson, after Mark) then we will make an exception.
Plus my name even features on a mean farmer!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sac Magique

Sac Magique

Sac Magique is a Helsinki based graphic artist and he has done some wonderful record sleeves for Emmy The Great and Kasms. I personally love this design (above) produced for Image magazine entitled "qwerty".

See more magic here:

Wash your mouth out

Potty Mouths

Whats that? A warehouse party? With 50 Bones records hosting a room? At a secret location? With Gold Panda playing live? And Cooly G DJing?

Yes please>> face book event

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Your Twenties


If you haven't heard this song yet then where in the world have you been?! Crawl out from under that metaphorical rock of yours and get your ears round Lost In Paris favourtie new band (ok, we say that a LOT but they are our favourite band with a name based on an age group).

Your Twenties - Billionaires

Acheter maintenant! Maison disc: Neon Gold. Les magasins: Pure Groove & Rough Trade.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Alex's Very-Mobile Disco #29

we've got our mourning on for the end of Le Tour

Je suis un rockstar (si si)

Took her to a disco in Batt-e-rsea.
I asked her to dance and then she danced with me.
And then I took a chance. Come home with me today.
I live in France. We can get there B-E-A.

Bill Wyman - Je suis un rockstar

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lost In Paris' new online store, yippeee!

Working on Saturdays? You betcha! Lost In Paris' very own online store launches today with the last remaining limited edition classic blue t-shirts. Designed by Tobias Jones and printed on American Apparel tees.

You can find our store here:

Check back for new designs! xx

Friday, 24 July 2009

Alex's Indie Disco #28

A Kings of Convenience post

Postcard from Bergen

Quiet is the New Loud is one of my most treasured albums and it's all thanks to a miss Alex Bean who introduced this wonderful band to me. It's one of those records that I know that I will still love when I'm 80... So I am very happy to say that the KoC are back for their third record and an accompanying tour of Europe including London's Barbican.

Kings Of Convenience - Mrs Cold

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

"let's just say it's been a challenge for me to make the visual components as cool as the music"


Words from the director "...he basically played me an instrumental demo of one of the album tracks early on and i thought it would be cool to do a trailer for the album because that particular song felt so epic... keeping the vocals off to build mystery and anticipation."

I've got anticipation bursting out of my ears.


Nice underwear. By FRMLSRNice underwear. By FRMLSR

I love design competitions! Especially ones about dates... Dazed Digital have teamed up with Reiss who in celebration of their new line of denim (1971 Reiss) are having a little competition:

"We're looking for illustrators and designers who can interpret the brief “1971” in the most original way possible – the eventual winners will see their designs turned into a Reiss 1971 t-shirt and then sold in Reiss stores."

Submit your design

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Oi DJs!!


This Thursday (23rd July) see round 4 of the ultimate DJ-oke night, You The DJ, hosted by us!
The night asks you to bring along your 3 favourite tracks, whether on vinyl, CD or iPod and play them out for all to hear.
It doesn't matter if you've never so much as seen a set or decks or CDJs before, as training is available if you need it.
Having already hosted a wealth of famous bands and DJs at previous nights, you never know who you'll be going back-to-back with.
Not only does every DJ get a drink but you just have to turn up on the night and you're away.
So what would you choose:

Blur / Bronski Beat / Prince


Jarvis Cocker / NWA / Pato Banton


Steve Winwood / Human League / Take That

You choose, as You're The DJ


Monday, 20 July 2009

Moon News

Madame Moon
Moon news from our friends Zooey:

"To celebrate man's landing on the lunar surface 40 years ago, the wonderful art and science magazine for children OKIDO is launching its fantastic MOON ISSUE. On their website you'll also find an exclusive moon podcast with lots of great tracks about our favourite satellite. Among them is a new ZOOEY song written especially for the occasion. It's called Madame Moon, and it is available for free download HERE. Happy birthday moon!"

Space links:
NASA on twitter
Eternal Moonwalk
Google Moon

Listening and dancing to music is...awesome!

Yo gabba gabba!
Watch Chromeo's "Nice N Clean" on Yo Gabba Gabba
Ok, give us any excuse to post about Chromeo and we seen: here, here and here. We just can't help ourselves; Chromeo's hits are the epitome of party time classics and no dance floor should be without them...and by the looks of things the fellas at DJ Kicks feel the same. If you hand over your e-mail address here you can get a free download of "I Can't Tell you Why" from the upcoming record on K7. We love you Dave One and Pee Thugg.

Chromeo - "Nice N Clean" (Yo Gabba Gabba)
Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin' (Tough Guys)

"Birdwatchers of The World / Unite and Take Over"

This is Chris Packham.
He loves nature.
He also loves The Smiths.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Vous vouliez du rap? Vous voilà servis.

Tekitek aka Teki Latex - Mes Pelures Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Fruits on Institubes
If you've seen us out DJing in the last few years you'd know that we're not shy to playing a fair few French hip-hop tracks when we can get away with it. A top fave is Travellier by TTC a superb track that never gets old. We caught TTC at le Printemps de Bourges '07 and I remember being blown away. Monsieur Latex is by far our favourite French freestyler of the group and his new record has done nothing to dissuade us. 17 tracks of out-of-this-world freestyle over some familiar beats and tracks. C'est fantastique. On veut plus.

PS: If you buy it through our friends at Arcade Mode you get a free poster by House of Kids.

TTC - Travailler (prod. Tacteel)
Tekitek - Googlez ma gueule (Freestyle)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

I'll have a Mint-choc-chip-cloud please mate

The Cloud Project
Oh, to be a design grad student...
"What have you been up to?"
"The usual, creating a van that makes ice-cream flavoured clouds, you?"

Facto facto! Zoe Papadopoulou and Cat Kramer have been busy with particles and other science things and have created this incredible Charlie & the Chocolate Factory style van. The Cloud Project is one of those wonderful ideas that I wish I had thought of and it was produced/designed/though-up for the Royal College of Art Design Interactions '09 Show.

Do you know your Choc-chip Cirrocumulus from your Vanilla Nimbostratus? I certainly don't!

The Kills - Sweet Cloud
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Herve Remix)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Call my music "wonky"and i'll make your fucking face wonky.

Gold Panda
Design by Gina Baber

In sheer excitement for the 50 Bones Party at The Queen Of Hoxton tonight, we've decided to post up a little treat... Gold Panda's ingenious 'Back Home' which is a track I could listen to a thousand billion million times and it would still not get old. His "Miyamae EP" is just out this week on the mysterious Various Productions and you can buy it from these guys. Flippin' super. Gotta love that Panda.

Gold Panda - Back Home
Little Boots - Every Little Earthquake (Gold Panda Remix)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon

As if I needed one here's another reason to love Let's Wrestle - an adorable video for their new single.

Buy Let's Wrestle music here or here.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Pavilion Tone

In London tomorrow? Wish I was...

Pavilion Tone
will be selling some wonderful new designs and screen printed goodies down at the South Bank for Kiosk Kiosk.

More info here.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Spotify: July

July Spotify

1. Royksopp - The Girl And The Robot
2. Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy
3. Friendly Fires - White Diamonds
4. Chromeo - Me And My Man (Chromeo vs Whitey 'Fly Whitey' mix)
5. Kelis, Andre 3000 - Millionaire
6. Primary 1 / The Shoes - Ho! Lord
7. Hockey - Too Fake
8. The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother
9. Let's Wrestle - We Are The Me You'll Grow To Love Soon
10. Jamie T - Sticks 'n' Stones
11. Missy Elliot - Pass That Dutch
12. Peter Bjorn And John - Nothing To Worry About
13. Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People

by Alex

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