Monday, 26 January 2009

the mystery of the PARIS004 is revealed

I've been meaning to pop this online for a couple of weeks. It's the cracking video to Local Girl by our label friends Adam Kesher.
In fact this track is the Lost Lost In Paris release (test pressings only avalible, from my house).

Saturday, 24 January 2009

DJ this.


I like DJing. I like how people look at you like maybe you know something that they don't. I like the free drinks. And I like getting money to do something I'd be doing at home anyway.
This article from that bastion of good taste, Vice, has pretty much nailed it.

Incidentally, the 3 best questions I've had asked of me whilst DJing in the past year.

3) "Can you do a shout out to my mate, it's his 50th and he wants to hear Red Hot Chilli Peppers”
2) "Do you have any ketchup?", "No, this isn't the kitchen", "Oh right."
1) "When is it going to get better?"

(ps, that picture of my hand is by Gabriel Green. He's a G.)

Friday, 23 January 2009

22 Grand Job, In The City.... Are Quite Hard To Come By At The Moment Actually

The Rakes are back. B.A.C.K. BACK. And I couldn't be happier.
They're totally overlooked and grouped into that 2005 swell of skinny guitar bands that have now disappeared on to XFM's XList show. But not for me. Their debut album, and over time the follow up too (apart from that rapping one about terrorists), remain stone cold favourites.
They've a new song which, merrily, sounds just like The Rakes.
Here's a teaser vid.

Consider me teased.
Oh Alan Rake. We had a great conversation once at a festival in rural France at 3 in the morning about how stupid my surname was. I cling to those memories.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Damn it Chloe!! It's the first post of 2009

And look at the date, wow I've been slack so far this year.
But I actually haven't, as my new years resolution has been to stop moaning about the weather being too clod for tights and get out more to see friends. It's going quite well this being sociable thing, with a couple of exceptions but I am trying.
The thing is, well, Jack Bauer. Or 24 box sets to be more specific. I'm rapidly catching up but for now I am a secret agent at CTU, I will save the president and I am locked and loaded.